May antics

This month I’m going to work my way through a book of creative prompts. The book, The Trickster’s Hat, A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity, is by the amazing storyteller and artist, Nick Bantock.  I am a fan of Mr. Bantock. I love the Griffin and Sabine books and have read Urgent 2nd Class, about creating collages. His techniques and imagination are amazing and if I can learn even a few tricks I’ll be thrilled.

What is different is that the book contains both drawn and written prompts and some that combine the two. I’m not sure that this is going to fit in my little moleskin notebook but I’ll try. There may be some cutting and pasting of work into the book. I’m a little anxious (or undecided, I’m not sure) about this so I’ll be incorporating daily printmaking work or sketching.

Here are the first two days in my moleskin for this month””:

moleskin2       WP_20140502_09_27_22_Pro

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